What sets you apart can feel like a burden,
and it’s not. A lot of the time, it’s what makes
you great.
— Emma Stone

The Brand

Whimsy Wandering aims to create and curate feel good clothing, jewelry, and accessories that empower women.  The brand was conceptualized early 2016 and is run by designer and owner Alanna Byrd.  The brand is free spirited, whimsical, yet still put together.  All Whimsy Wandering brand jewelry is made in store and customizing is welcomed.   


Supporting Local Makers

Whimsy Wandering branded products are all made in Portland, Oregon.  Great thought and care is put into making each product individually, so that it is truly special.  We also support our local makers and carry many locally made products throughout the shop.  Some other local vendors we carry are: T A H handbags, Hillockburn Farm Soaps and Body Products, Bridge Nine Candle Co Candles, Canard Labs soaps and lotions, ACBC design, Mystic Chili, Irma Jean, Heron Kangaroo, Meow Bitches, High Sparrow, and many more.